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Онлайн, LPU, India

Хичээлийн тодорхойлолт

Софт буюу үндсэн ур чадвар гэдэг нь тухайн мэргэнжилтний хир зэрэг сайн ажиллаж, бусадтай харьцахад нөлөөлдөг хувийн шинж чанарууд юм. Эдгээр чадварууд нь хүмүүстэй харилцаа холбоо тогтоох, итгэлцэл, найдвартай байдлыг бий болгох, багаа удирдахад хялбар болгох үндсэн суурь хүчин зүйлүүд болно. Үнэн чанартаа эдгээр нь ажлын байран дахь амжилт, компанийн амжилт, хувийн амьдралд чухал үүрэг гүйцэтгэдэг. Тус сургалтаар софт ур чадварын талаар дэлгэрэнгүй танилцуулна.  


Module 1:- Corporate Culture

A positive workplace culture improves teamwork, raises the morale, increases productivity and efficiency, and enhances retention of the workforce. Job satisfaction, collaboration, and work performance are all enhanced. And, most importantly, a positive workplace environment reduces stress in employees

Learning Outcome: To understand the importance of values and ethics in corporate sector.

Module 2:- Assertive Communication

Being assertive is a core communication skill. Assertiveness can help you express yourself effectively and stand up for your point of view, while also respecting the rights and beliefs of others. Being assertive can also help boost your self-esteem and earn others’ respect.

Learning Outcome: Demonstrate and model assertive behaviour for win-win outcomes.

Module 3:- Selling skills

Selling skills are critical in organizations that rely on ongoing buying from customers or clients. The ability to build relationships with customers, persuade them to make purchases and generate repeat business is at the heart of selling. Sales is a component of a company’s marketing and promotions.

Learning Outcome: Develop sales mind set and attitudes that drive commitment to sales target, Identify and practice selling skills and techniques

Module 4:- Team building & Coordination Skills

Team building is important. It enables employees to learn from others and develop new skills. Working in a team helps employees take on leadership roles and see their team members ulfil their responsibilities. For teams to perform and achieve their goal, they need to arrive at a consensus before making any decisions

Learning Outcome: Describe importance of tem building and demonstrate team dynamics.

Module 5: - Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are important for communicating and working with groups and individuals in your personal and professional life. People with strong interpersonal skills tend to build good relationships and can work well with others. They understand family, friends, co-workers and clients well.

Learning Outcome: Develop a positive, proactive response to difficult behaviours. Exhibit confidence in your ability to address challenging situations.

Module 6:- Occupational Competency development

Competencies have long been used as a framework to help focus employees' behavior on things that matter most to an organization and help drive success. They can provide a common way to harmonize, select and develop talent. The benefits are clear for employees and managers, and ultimately, the organization

Learning Outcome: Possession of proper attitudes is one of the most important attributes of a competent person